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As you know, a graduation requirement for Harmony Public School high school seniors is acceptance into a four-year accredited college or university. In the 2017 - 2018 year, 58% of our graduates were from underserved, economically-deprived communities. As a result, despite their excellent academic preparation and despite their initial acceptance into higher education, an unacceptable number of Harmony graduate students are not completing their higher education programs.

In many cases, the reason is financial. In other instances, Harmony graduates, many of whom are first generation college students, are not receiving the encouragement and support that may be necessary for a successful transition to the rigors of higher education.

From this realization came Harmony’s alumni programs, offering grants, scholarships, mentorships, tutoring, internships and community.  Although these programs have only been operating since 2008, the response from our graduates and their parents and the successes of the students enrolled have been overwhelmingly positive.

HPS launched College and Career Success (CCS) office under Engagement and Support department, a supplementary transitioning and success programming that engages, supports and trains alumni to link them with Harmony seniors.

CCS provides our seniors with services such as:

Scholarship College Transition and Support College and Career Success Curriculum and Instruction Mentorship
Internships College and Career Partnerships Networking Data and Research

Despite our graduation requirement of college admission, as a publicly funded K-12 school system, we are not permitted to provide financial support to graduate programs. To date, we have had to rely on outside sources to fund ours. But, because of the success and exponential growth of the Harmony system, that has graduated 5,033 to date and is projected to graduate 11,686 in 2020, our current funding sources are unable to meet even the current demands of these programs. Clearly, additional financial support is required.

Your contribution is important! The need! How to contribute?

As staff, teachers and administrators, you have spent countless of hours preparing your students for college and each year approximately 85% of our graduating class enroll in a post-secondary institution.

But, despite these impressive enrollment numbers and notwithstanding your hard work and theirs, far too many of our first-time college students drop out as they hit financial and circumstantial barriers such as the cost of attending college that has increased by 36% in the last 10 years.

For the first time, we are asking our Harmony teachers, administrators and staff to consider going beyond their educational efforts, and providing even greater assistance to our graduates through voluntary payroll contributions to the Harmony College Fund.

There are no administrative costs associated with this donation and employees who choose to donate will have the satisfaction of knowing that every dollar given will go towards helping our Harmony graduates to complete their dreams of higher education and to achieve their career aspirations.

If you wish to help a Harmony graduate student continue on his or her educational journey, please complete this form, or return it by email to collegefund@harmonytx.org.

Harmony College Fund voluntary contributions will be deposited to, and maintained under a dedicated account, and will be applied exclusively to graduate scholarships and college and career support services.

Current information on the funds collected, and on fund distributions will be available on this page. Contributing employees may withdraw consent for these contributions using the Withdrawal of Consent form.

Your contribution will continue until you cancel it.

Thank you in advance for your continued efforts and your generosity.

Employee Payroll Contribution Authorization and Gift Form College Fund Cancellation Form


Honors Scholarship

Every year since 2010, HPS has provided an average of $100,000 in scholarships to HPS graduates attending USNEWS TOP 10 colleges and universities.

In 2016 - 2017, 58 Harmony graduates from the following universities received Harmony Honors Scholarship offered by Charter School Solutions, a nonprofit organization based in Houston, Texas.

High School Name
# of HPS Recipients
Austin North 3
Brownsville HSA 1
Dallas HSA 2
El Paso HSA 7
El Paso HSI 1
Garland HSI 1
Houston ADV 13
Houston DSC 2
Houston High 16
Sugarland HSI 3
Katy HSI 1
Laredo HSA 1
San Antonio HSA 2
Waco HSA 5
Grand Total 58

College List

University of Texas logo Texas A and M logo Baylor logo Rice logo Stanford logo US Air Force Academy logo University of Pennsylvania logo Princeton logo NYU logo Emory University logo University of Rochester logo

College Transition Mentoring

We all remember how tough the college process can be to do alone and how valuable a good counselor or effective mentor can be. Harmony Public Schools-CCS office and SWAG (Students with Ambition Go) To College, a Houston based non-profit partner organization, will pair mainly underserved Harmony seniors with Harmony alumni college mentors who are coming from similar background to guide them through successful college application and transition process.

Being a mentor is not a huge time commitment; it can be as little as 30 minutes per week. As mentors we check in through text, email, or Facebook message with their mentee and ensure they are making progress through the application process.

For mentor application: http://tinyurl.com/HarmonyMentor.  For more information: SWAG website  

Senior College Success Mentoring by Alumni will be implemented at the following eight pilot HPS high school campuses whose principals have shown interest and are willing to support. 

There are 137 HPS alumni applied so far as college mentor for CCS mentoring program from various universities such as Yale, Stanford, Rice , UT, TAMU, UH, UTD and many other universities. 

Austin District HSA Pflugerville
DFW District HSA Dallas
HSI Fort Worth
HSA Euless
Houston North District Harmony School of Advancement
Houston South District HSA Houston
West Texas District HSA EL Paso

Harmony Internship Program

College and Career Success office at Engagement and Support department works closely with Human Resources department to recruit, retain and hire high quality potential employees among our interning alumni who have passion to work at school settings. The Harmony Internship Program, (“the HI Program”) is Harmony Public Schools’ (“HPS”) support to advancing knowledge of former HPS and HPS serving sister schools’ students and graduates to pursue a post-secondary education to be a more productive and responsible and well skilled citizens in the 21st century workforce.

A Program objective is to allow eligible former HPS and HPS serving sister schools’ students and graduates to work on HPS campuses as interns. Program participants (“Participants”) gain positive work experience and receive compensation through internship with HPS. Participants will have an opportunity for continued employment in any position with HPS.

There were 230+ interns during 2016-2017 academic year interning at various school functions such as finance, operations, academics, human resources and general school duties to learn how schooling works in HPS.

Harmony Alumni College Student Organizations (HACSO)

Dedicated HPS alumni members established college campus support organizations to welcome HPS seniors to reduce freshman stress, to connect HPS alumni on college campus, to encourage easy and smooth college transition for Harmony incoming freshmen, to be the voice of all HPS alumni members during their college life and finally to provide HPS alumni college and career support programs and services to.

“Ultimately, to help HPS students graduate from college ON TIME”

There are 12 active alumni college organizations to lead and serve Harmony college students below.

UTEP Miners logo UT Dallas logo UT Arlington U of H logo Texas A and M logo UT logo UTSA Roadrunners logo North American University logo Richland College logo Texas Tech logo Texas State University logo Dust Devils logo

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